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Brimfield, Ohio is located in Portage County, Ohio and is east of Tallmadge, near Akron. It was named after the town of Brimfield in Massachusetts. The charter for Brimfield is “To continue to create a community identify that evokes sense of place, pride, and quality in the eyes of residents, businesses and visitors.”

With tax-friendly incentives for business, Brimfield continues to expand its economic development plan. As the business community grows, the need for quality works continues to rise, and Accurate Staffing is ready to serve.

Accurate Staffing has been providing important staffing solutions for Brimfield, Ohio businesses for many years across a wide range of industries including:

Accurate Staffing offers Temporary, Temp-to-Hire, Payrolling, On-site, and Direct Hire solutions to meet your staffing needs. We take note of all of your finer details and design our interviewing and screening processes to match your business. 

staffing agencies akron, canton
staffing agencies akron, canton

Accurate Staffing is the Smartest Choice for your Staffing Agency in Brimfield, Ohio 

starmanAccurate Hiring 

Through a top-notch selection process, candidate performance & retention profiling, client profiling, and skill & behavioral testing, we hire the right candidate for your needs instead of simply presenting you with a warm body.

starmanAccurate Retention 

We firmly believe retention to be a result of smarter hiring. By doing employee surveys after 30 days, exit interviews, offering benefits & retention/performance pay, and doing a coded analysis of turnover, we help you retain the best people and weed out “poor fits” quicker.

starmanAccurate Safety 

Each employee is given a detailed overview of mandatory safety guidelines, Safety in the Workplace testing (available in Spanish), OSHA compliance training, client specific safety and skills training, and a client-site walk through (when approved) all prior to day one.

Accurate Staffing is centrally located in Northeast Ohio with offices in Akron (330.630.0700) and Canton (330.494.9675). With our national network and a database of more than 60,000 candidates, Accurate Staffing rapidly delivers talented, reliable workers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your staffing needs.

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