Accurate Staffing Skilled Trades offer W-2 staffing solutions for your business

With support from Accurate Staffing Skilled Trades, you can worry less about your recruiting efforts and focus more on serving your customers and growing your overall business.

Accurate Staffing Skilled Trades delivers a safe, reliable and compliant W-2 workforce for your staffing needs while also performing a variety of duties for you.

  • Our teams are responsible for administrative tasks related to payroll taxes, employee benefits and workers’ compensation insurance.
  • Through our comprehensive vetting process, we ensure that every worker we recommend to your company has the necessary skills, experience and commitment to excel in the job.
  • We stay on top of changes in labor laws and regulations to ensure that all employment practices remain compliant.
  • In the end, our staffing solutions free up your time, allowing you to focus on vital business tasks.

Accurate Staffing has a local presence and all markets throughout the U.S. to provide staffing support across a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, events, manufacturing, clerical and more.

Meanwhile, Accurate Staffing Skilled Trades is home to a dedicated team of skilled trades staffing experts. We work across trades and industries to help you find the tradespeople you need.


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