How Do You Engage and Retain Gen X

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As the economy roars forward, companies are in a battle not only to hire capable talent, but also to retain the workers that are assets to the organization. Much has been written about the impact of the baby boomers and millennials in the workplace. However, what about the smaller Generation X cohort that is sometimes the forgotten middle child of the generations? While they may be outnumbered by the boomers and millennials, their influence has shaped US companies during years of technological advancement and corporate change.

What Are the Characteristics of Gen X?

Independent. Born between 1965-1980, Gen Xers were often referred to as latchkey kids because a number of them came home alone after school because both parents worked. This fostered a sense of self discipline and autonomy. These individuals had to self-manage their own activities and make decisions based on judgment in the absence of an adult. Gen X learned not to depend on others for constant direction; they created their own outcomes.

Adaptable. Gen Xers’ childhoods predated the internet, personal home computers and cell phones. They had to learn, embrace and master evolving technology to be successful in corporate America. From using the first cordless home phone to commanding the world of work on a smartphone, Gen Xers’ actions illustrate the ability to adapt, pivot, and embrace change.

Self-Reliant. This cohort has experienced two Gulf Wars, the dot-com bust, the tragedy of 9/11, the Great Recession, and Covid-19. All of these events came with a great loss of jobs and retraction of the economy. Gen Xers have managed to navigate some of the most unprecedented events in history that impacted careers and livelihoods. Their resourcefulness helped them thrive and develop the expertise needed to stay relevant in the workforce in the midst of those events.

What Does Generation X Want from Their Employers?

Growth and Development. Invest in Gen X workers’ continued growth and development. Whether it be formal classroom leadership training, conferences, seminars or online courses, help them enhance their skill set. They already have a wealth of business acumen, so modernizing their tool kit benefits them and improves results for the organization. Most of Gen X has been working for decades, and any job can become repetitive and monotonous if skill sets become stagnant. Create a culture of learning and design training programs that address the needs of mid-career professionals.

New Projects and Meaningful Work. Invite them to lead new company projects and initiatives. In addition, consider offering Gen Xers a different role outside of their comfort zone that teaches them a new talent. They likely have a distinguished track record of tackling new assignments, so keep them energized with new leadership responsibilities. Evaluate your process for promotions. Is it based on performance data? Many in this group want to achieve the next level of success within a company. Engage in dialogue and determine what is important to them in their career trajectory.

Flexibility. Some Gen Xers want enhanced flexibility to care for family members or to pursue outside interests. This desire for flexibility may reach beyond the ability to work from home periodically. Moreover, some may want to take on a part-time role or become an independent contractor supporting their current team. Some workers may simply want more vacation days. One size does not fit all when it comes to flexibility. People have different motivators, so ask about them.

Mentoring Others. Every organization is engaged in succession planning as the lifeline for business continuity.  Gen X is an irreplaceable asset of industry knowledge and expertise.  Many want to mentor, teach and help the next generation succeed in their careers. They have a command of workplace dynamics and want to impart their skills and coach new leaders to excel in the organization.

The Generation X Influence

As pivotal members of corporate work teams, Gen X is 53 million strong in the US labor force. This group is often described as autonomous but driven to make a difference and have an impact. By using different methods to engage Gen X, we can align to their values and retain them for decades.

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How Do You Retain Talent in a Tight Labor Market?

There are approximately 10 million open jobs in the US – and the lowest labor participation rate in decades. A Korn Ferry survey of 1,100 professionals in September cited the top reasons people are leaving their jobs: 30% are re-evaluating their priorities in the midst of the pandemic, another 24% lamented no clear advancement path in their job and 23% wanted better pay and benefits.

Skilled workers have the power to select their employer of choice. A successful retention strategy starts with acknowledging that you won’t solve your current challenges by applying the solutions of the past. This is the time to revisit underlying assumptions and test each one. So how do you keep employees?

Advancement Pathway. Do you have a defined roadmap for employees to excel and receive promotions within the organization? If not, work to create an advancement plan for workers in all areas of the company. People want to understand that if they achieve results there is a structure in place to get to the next level. Map out the steps for them.

Create a Culture. We have all worked for leaders that made an impact on our career. Conversely, there are leaders that failed to support us, and we merely punched a clock to deliver the performance needed. Are you listening to your team? What is important to them? Do you genuinely care about their success, and are you vested in helping them achieve?  Don’t go through the motions – consider their ideas.

Tuition and Education Assistance. Professionals in many industries consider learning a lifelong journey.  The cost of certifications, licenses and enhanced degrees is steep. Consider offering a stipend for education and certification reimbursement.  There are a myriad of ways to structure it to minimize the organization’s exposure.

Upskilling and Reskilling. Similar to tuition and education assistance, no worker wants to do the same task for decades and not enhance their skill set.  Korn Ferry cites that 37% of organizations are combatting the labor shortage by upskilling and reskilling their existing workforce.  This also can take the form of leadership and development programs as well as online classes to upskill employees. Education has many different forms.

Mentor Programs. In the hybrid work from home model, many newer employees struggle to receive the needed coaching required to be successful in their role. We learn through hands-on experience, and mentors that can teach us on the spot.  Consider establishing a mentor/mentee program in your organization to foster a sense of community among workers and help individuals get the personalized attention they need.

Flexible Schedules. Many companies in the defense industry successfully implemented the 9/80 work schedule years ago, wherein workers log a nine-hour day and have every other Friday off. While this may not work for all employers, consider flexible schedules that allow employees to start and end their day outside of the 9 to 5 schedule. Flex time creates satisfaction and enables people to balance their work/ life responsibilities.

Better Benefits. It is no secret that healthcare cost a small fortune.  Whether it is copays, deductibles or out of pocket expenses, it is a concern for workers. If you have not evaluated your company medical benefits in a while, it may pay to shop around and provide a variety of plans.  Offering catastrophic plan healthcare with a high deductible won’t make you competitive, and employees may look elsewhere to offset this cost.

Pay Increases and Bonuses. Inflation is alive and well, and if you have not adjusted salaries in several years, you aren’t competitive.  If increases are not fiscally possible, consider bonuses. This is a variable cost and can be managed more easily than increasing salaries. For example, bonuses can be paid quarterly, annually, or as a spot award. The ways and frequency to deliver a bonus are almost endless. Do what works best for your organization and employees.

Vacation and Holidays. Like salaries and benefits, these policies need to be reviewed annually.  What do peers in your industry offer? Can your organization gain an edge by offering more?

Your Brand. How is your brand among current workers? Employees are your brand ambassadors – everywhere they go, they’re advertising your company. Is it viewed as a great place to work? Consider surveying your workforce to determine what is working and what needs improvement.

How will you refine your retention strategy?

4 tips to get hourly workers to show up to interviews

There is nothing more frustrating than when an applicant doesn’t show up for an interview. Learn how small businesses can improve interview show rates for hourly workers.

Business owners and managers face many problems, including finding and retaining the best employees. A problem within this problem is potential employees not showing up for job interviews. While a nuisance for larger businesses, for a small business, no-shows can mean a significant drain on precious time and resources.

In a recent Accurate survey, 54% of responding employers said their current interview show rate was less than 25%. So, why is this number so low, and what can you do about it?  

Why are show rates important?

As cliche as it sounds, time is money. In our survey, nearly 50% of respondents said they spend 2-5 hours a week reviewing applications, and 24% spend more than 5 hours per week. A survey from Yello found in their recent interview-scheduling survey that most respondents spend between 30-120 minutes to schedule a single interview. With this significant time commitment, increasing show rates is essential to the productivity of your business.  

Why do people not show up?

For the purposes of this guide, we’ll assume positive intent among most applicants and will focus on the reasons for interview no-shows within your control (i.e. not trying to convince applicants who may have never had any real intention of showing up). 

The reasons most people don’t show up for an interview include: 

  • Feeling nervous/anxious about the process
  • Feeling unprepared
  • Confusion around meeting time/location
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Changes to work schedule/unable to get away from work
  • Unexpected circumstances – childcare, family emergency, etc

What to do about it?

Knowing why people don’t show up is a great first step, and it can guide your adjustments. Here are 4 easy ways to improve show rates. 

  1. Appealing job description

Perhaps the most important, you need to create an appealing job description. Tell the candidate why your company is great and why they’d enjoy working there. Go beyond the paycheck and discuss company culture and, if applicable, flexible hours, strong benefits, a family-like atmosphere and other factors that make your business stand out from the competition.

  1. Clear pre-interview communication

Many interviews fall through, unfortunately, because of poor communication. The interviewee may have been mixed up on time, place or even the interview format—in person, video or phone. Create a process for thorough, meticulous communication so nothing is misunderstood.

  1. Use video interviews for the first round

Video interviews are faster, more convenient, easier to schedule and attend, and therefore have higher show rates. Video interviews can be especially useful as a first-round, get-to-know-you type of interview.

  1. Flexible interview times

People are busy. Fitting a job interview around work, school, parenting, family obligations and everything else can feel like an impossible game of Tetris. Give job candidates plenty of flexibility, and be available for early, late and even weekend interviews. Allow them to choose a time that works best and you’ll likely find more candidates showing up for your next opening. 

Career Opportunities: Getting To Know Accurate Staffing

Accurate Staffing was founded in 2008 by Todd Kennedy, company president, who brings over 30 years of industry experience in staffing. Accurate Staffing specializes in recruiting and staffing for the following industries:

  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Warehouse
  • Clerical
  • Call Center
  • Medical
  • Technical
  • And other professional placements

Accurate Staffing does this by offering staffing solutions centered around:

  • Temporary
  • Temp-to-hire
  • Onsite staffing
  • Contract staffing
  • Direct hires
  • Referral employee programs
  • Payrolling
  • Onboarding

Accurate Staffing organically grew from the greater Akron area, that is where our roots are placed. We’ve opened offices in Canton, Cleveland, Cuyahoga Falls, as well as state-wide offices in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Additionally, we work with several companies abroad to give us an International presence.

Currently, Accurate Staffing has 45 internal employees, and we’ve employed over 20,000 different candidates across the various industries we serve leaving an impressive footprint in the Northeast Ohio area. We attend many career fairs throughout the area, think of us as “Ambassadors” to local universities.

Accurate Staffing has tremendous opportunities to offer – our Entry Level Recruiter is a position that we are always looking for and requires no previous experience. We are looking for people with a strong work ethic, ability to speak professionally, a willingness to learn, and the tenacity to achieve results. We will train you on how to do everything! We have a two week training course for our entry level positions providing all the knowledge you will need to be successful. Additionally, we offer internships year round where you exposed to different parts of our industry such as sales, human resources, recruiting, and much more.

What will Accurate Staffing bring to you? We will show you how to learn a full-cycle recruiting process. This is done by using job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, etc. Part of this process involves learning “Boolean” search language to allow you really tailor in the skill sets you are looking for in a candidate. Furthermore, you are going to learn skills in human resources, how to onboard employees, payroll, workers compensation, and unemployment. You will learn professional sales tactics including the ability to sell our services to new clients.

Accurate Staffing offers excellent growth opportunities for our employees. Our leadership teams have all risen through the ranks organically from inside the company. We believe the people that know how to lead are the people that know our industry best; we hold this as a cornerstone of our approach to our hiring and training.

Our office incorporates a “bull pen” setting where ideas and exchanges happen openly so that all team members can benefit from the lessons and knowledge.

Accurate Staffing looks forward to meeting interested candidates. You can email your resume to

Check out our video from Area Director Ethan Taylor discussing career opportunities here at Accurate Staffing.

COVID-19 Pandemic Requires Creative Staffing Solutions

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As our state of Ohio and our nation carefully navigates the reopening of the economy from the closures surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are faced with a myriad of staffing challenges, such as:

  • Current staff members recovering from COVID-19 and unable to work yet
  • Current staff afraid to return to the workplace for fear of COVID-19 and becoming infected, threatening themselves and possibly higher risk family members
  • Current staff unable to return to the workplace because they are caring for a family member affected by COVID-19
  • Current staff who may have been exposed to COVID-19 and are in quarantine
  • Not all divisions of a company are returning to work at the same time, shifting obligations to other divisions creating bottlenecks and a lack of management and direction
  • Or, divisions are opening but not at full capacity, putting increased workload on existing staff workers

Accurate Staffing can provide creative staffing solutions and help your company improve productivity, control costs, and improve your bottom line while the economy goes through the reopening process. Our flexible staffing solutions can:

  • Relieve bottlenecked departments
  • Meet critical deadlines and tackle new initiatives
  • Cost-effectively manage changing workforce demands
  • Improve hiring process efficiency
  • Reduce downtime, overtime, turnover and overhead
  • Access the expertise you need, without adding headcount
  • Offload time-consuming, mundane or inefficient tasks

We help solve the above challenges with our flexible staffing options, including:


Accurate Staffing has a long and successful history of providing critical staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses, including:

We are centrally located in Northeast Ohio with offices in Akron (330.630.0700) and Canton (330.494.9675). With our national network and a database of more than 60,000 candidates, Accurate Staffing rapidly delivers talented, reliable workers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your staffing needs.

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What Is A Direct Hire Employee?

What Is A Direct Hire Employee?

A direct hire is an employee who is brought on as a full-time employee at a company and is not paid by a staffing agency for a temporary period. Direct hire placement is usually used when businesses have a long-term or high-skilled job opening and plan on keeping the new staff member permanently.

Direct Hire Placement

With Accurate Staffing, a client HR Manager will call us and speak to a full life cycle recruiter who specializes in direct hire placements across all industries. Our recruiter will begin the search using our extensive candidate database where we have candidates across all skill sets. Accurate Staffing will handle all the interviews, job offers, pay and compensation negotiations, take care of drug testing and background checks, and provide any client requested skill testing. Our goal is to provide a candidate that will fit well and be a great long-term solution for our customers. We are so confident in our ability to provide an ideal direct hire candidate, that in the event a candidate does not work out in the first 60 days, Accurate Staffing will replace the candidate at no charge to the employer!

Benefits of Direct Hire Employees

Better Candidate Selection

Often, a business who uses a staffing agency for a direct hire placement can attract top performing candidates. Most top performers are continually employed, and a direct hire position can attract the top talent in your area that a temporary or temp-to-hire position would not.

Stronger Employee Commitment

Direct hire employees often have a better sense of stability and security within the company they are placed. Temporary employees usually do not feel the same sense of loyalty toward the company a direct hire does, as temp workers know their employment period is not permanent.

Ability to Offer Better Perks

With a direct hire, companies can promote their own perks and benefits packages. If your company has a great retirement package and insurance benefits, there are perks that can be used to attract the type of prospective candidates you are seeking. Temporary or temp-to-hire employees, on the other hand, receive monetary and insurance benefits from the staffing agency.

Challenges with Direct Hire

Less Flexibility in Compensation

From an administrative point of view, direct hires are more expensive to place than temporary or temp-to-hire employees due to their salary and benefits packages. Achieving greater payroll flexibility with direct hires can be more difficult. While direct hires are often highly qualified, employers have to compensate them for their expertise and skills.

More Time-Consuming

The process of hiring an employee directly is slower than a temporary or temp-to-hire placement. It takes time to make a long-term decision and evaluate the pros and cons of hiring an individual who has the potential to be with the company for years. This lengthy process can cause you to miss out on great candidates if you are too slow to make a decision and a competitor hires them first.

Why Accurate Staffing For Your Direct Hire Needs?

Accurate Staffing is one of the premier direct hire staffing companies in the Akron, Cleveland, and Canton areas. We invest heavily in advertising and marketing for our direct hire services and have a constant influx of highly skilled candidates. We handle everything involved in the process from candidate recruitment, testing and background checks, and all negotiations related to the direct hire. Finally, with our candidate guarantee an employer can feel comfortable in trusting Accurate Staffing for all of their direct hire placement needs.

About Accurate Staffing

Accurate Staffing has a long and successful history of providing critical staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses, including:

We are centrally located in Northeast Ohio with offices in Akron (330.630.0700) and Canton (330.494.9675). With our national network and a database of more than 60,000 candidates, Accurate Staffing rapidly delivers talented, reliable workers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your staffing needs.

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Employer Payrolling Services Provide A Positive Solution

staffing agencies akron, canton

Employer Payrolling Solutions for Akron, Cleveland, Canton, and surrounding areas

When a company is searching for a new employee, there are many associated expenses such as recruiting costs, background checks, drug testing, and skill set testing. When the individual is hired, payroll is just the beginning of the expenses a company will also need to consider. There are the costs of employee benefits including health insurance, vacation pay, and for some positions, 401k contributions or similar expenses. Additionally, a company must consider workers’ compensation, FICA, State and Local taxes, Federal withholding, and year end W2’s. It can be overwhelming!

Accurate Staffing’s employer payrolling services can be a positive solution to the overwhelming costs, stress and impact on your operations when onboarding an employee, and the ongoing benefits management. When a company takes advantage of Accurate Staffing’s employer payrolling services, we provide the following:

  • Background check
  • Drug testing
  • Skill set testing
  • Weekly payroll processing
  • Federal and State taxes
  • Unemployment insurance
  • 1-9 and E-Verify
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance
  • Client invoicing and collections
  • Employment paperwork
  • Employee benefits administration
  • And much more!

Cost of Employer Payrolling Services

Accurate Staffing provides a cost-effective solution for onboarding of employees as well as the ongoing associated payroll expenses. Our markup for employee payrolling services is less that it would cost to put an employee on a company’s payroll. Contact us today to discuss how Accurate Staffing can help your company with the cost of employees.

How Can A Payrolling Service Help Your Company

Our payroll services are a great fit for seasonal workers, special events, summer vacation times, family leave, holidays, peak production, and illnesses. Additionally, many employers are overwhelmed with benefits management, constantly changing health insurance regulations, and the associated nightmare of red tape and legal issues, and our payrolling services can help. Our employer payrolling services absolves a company from having to layoff employees and cover unemployment benefits.

Additional benefits include:

  • A company can covert our employee to theirs at any time – there are no minimum time or financial obligations to Accurate Staffing. That’s right – NO OBLIGATION!
  • Our associates are required to follow our policies and procedures, as well as your company’s.
  • We maintain a relationship with each client and each associate, so should the need arise, we take care of warnings and dismissals. Consider us an extension of your HR department.
  • Our associates are top-notch employees, and we treat them right. After a certain period of time, Accurate Staffing will pay benefits, holidays, etc. and not charge our client. This is a great solution for companies that don’t offer employee benefits.
  • Employees can receive their wages via direct deposit, paper check or pay card, and be eligible for insurance benefits.

State-of-the-Art Online Payrolling Service Portal

Accurate Staffing offers a state-of-the-art online portal to support our payrolling services for both employees and employers. Employees can access all their payroll information including year-to-date amounts, W2 information, payroll garnishments, and much more. Employers can access invoicing, hours paid for each employee, and other associated information. In short, we offer a self-service platform for both employees and employers to access any relevant information related to our payrolling services.

Why Consider Accurate Staffing for Your Employer Payrolling?

At Accurate Staffing we take great pride in building relationships with our customers. We get to know your business and your needs so that we can serve you better – we are an extension of your HR department. Additionally, we treat the associates the right way and make it very easy to get started.

Contact us today and let’s discuss a lower markup for payrolling services and let Accurate Staffing help with the burden of employee onboarding and ongoing employee payroll and benefits management.

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Call Center Staffing

staffing agencies akron, canton

Accurate Staffing, Inc. has been providing call center staffing solutions since the beginning of our company. Our leadership and sales teams have extensive experience in working in call centers and have a sales mentality. This experience provides us with a keen insight into what to look for in an individual to fill a call center position, what it takes to be successful, and how to recruit for it as well.

A call center can be a very exciting environment with a lot of opportunity for success, but it can also be very tough. Many individuals get into the field thinking they can handle it, but quickly learn it’s not for them. In order to help identify potential candidates who have “the right stuff”, Accurate Staffing has developed a role playing system which allows us to evaluate individuals on their fit for working in a call center. In this role playing process, we give candidates all types of call center situations. For example, dealing with the elderly; huge manufacturers of consumer products; or massive call centers to name a few. We gauge each candidate’s effectiveness and patience and based on our background and experience we can determine if they are a good fit for the role.

Additionally, with our in-depth interview process we can further target the types of personalities we feel would excel in a call center environment. In many cases, a candidate may be applying for a completely different position, but through our interviewing and recruiting process we identify that the candidate may be a great fit to fill one of our call center staffing positions. By being able to identify top talent that through our experience and processes we feel will flourish in a call center environment, we can place qualified candidates in our customer’s open positions. And just as important, we are able to identify those candidates for whom a call center is not a great fit, helping both the candidate and our customers avoid a failed attempt filling a position. We never try and turn the wrong people into call center staffers.

In this very challenging field, Accurate Staffing thrives in providing call center staffing solutions in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio areas.

About Accurate Staffing

Accurate Staffing has a long and successful history of providing critical staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses, including:

We are centrally located in Northeast Ohio with offices in Akron (330.630.0700) and Canton (330.494.9675). With our national network and a database of more than 60,000 candidates, Accurate Staffing rapidly delivers talented, reliable workers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your staffing needs.

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Medical Staffing

medical staffing | staffing services for the medical field

In the challenging and very competitive medical staffing field, Accurate Staffing stands apart from our competition in our ability to consistently provide qualified and reliable medical staffing for our customers. We have many years of experience in the healthcare staffing field, and our recruiters have extensive experience in finding candidates. Accurate Staffing is one of the few staffing agencies in Northeast Ohio that handles all levels of healthcare staffing requirements, from medical assistants to doctors and surgeons.

Accurate Staffing excels in the medical staffing industry due to the long nurtured personal relationships we have with medical institutions and medical training centers, as well as major hospital networks. Additionally, we use or extensive overseas network to assist with recruiting candidates who are willing to relocate to the Northeast Ohio area. We accept the challenge that comes with working in the healthcare staffing field and take great pride in our ability to find candidates with good qualifications and experience.

In our approach to fulfilling our customers’ requirements for their medical staffing needs, we provide a basic healthcare/medical assessment per position, unique to the degree and area of expertise of the candidate. Furthermore, we provide a national background check, personal references, drug testing, and multiple interviews to assemble into a package and connect the candidate directly with our customer.

In a field with such low staffing availability, Accurate Staffing thrives in providing medical staffing in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio areas.

About Accurate Staffing

Accurate Staffing has a long and successful history of providing critical staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses, including:

We are centrally located in Northeast Ohio with offices in Akron (330.630.0700) and Canton (330.494.9675). With our national network and a database of more than 60,000 candidates, Accurate Staffing rapidly delivers talented, reliable workers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your staffing needs.

medical staffing | staffing services for the medical field
medical staffing | staffing services for the medical field
medical staffing | staffing services for the medical field

Winning The War For Talent

With the labor market so tight and qualified and available workers in short supply, businesses are relying more and more on a qualified staffing agency to help manage their labor challenges. Accurate Staffing, Northeast Ohio’s Premiere Staffing Agency is meeting the challenges our customers are facing through a vast array of workplace staffing approaches and techniques.

Through our excessive regional networking which includes attending networking events, being an ambassador to local universities, and staying abreast with international candidates who are relocating to Northeast Ohio, we currently have a growing database of over 60,000 candidates with many skill sets.

Additionally, Accurate Staffing continues to invest in ourselves to find reliable workers for our customers. We recently launched a dynamic and modern new website where available jobs are posted and for which candidates can apply easily and quickly. We attend many job fairs on a regular basis and maintain close relationships with trade schools throughout Northeast Ohio. And we continue to pursue advertising with traditional media such as newspapers, radio, and yellow page listings.

When we are reviewing job candidates for placement, Accurate Staffing ensures we are providing qualified workers to our clients through a multifaceted approach that includes highly skilled software to assess a candidate’s core skill and behavioral strengths and opportunities. Additionally, we provide drug and background checks, conduct phone screenings, and an in-depth meeting to ensure the candidate is qualified. Finally, we maintain an open dialog with all our customers on candidates who we select that may have some of the skill sets required, and for whom we feel additional training may be an option to provide a good hire.

We don’t just send out bodies to fill job openings. Our main objective is to supply quality job candidates to our clients to build them a core work force through our temp-to-hire placements.

About Accurate Staffing

Accurate Staffing has a long and successful history of providing critical staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses, including:

We are centrally located in Northeast Ohio with offices in Akron (330.630.0700) and Canton (330.494.9675). With our national network and a database of more than 60,000 candidates, Accurate Staffing rapidly delivers talented, reliable workers.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help with your staffing needs.

medical staffing | staffing services for the medical field