Accurate Staffing offers services to meet the needs of our clients as well as the needs of our employees/candidates. Our range of staffing services include: temporary, temp-to-hire, direct hire, contract staffing, onsite staffing, referred employee programs, custom recruiting and complete Background, Screening and Drug Testing services. 

Our employees/candidates are always treated efficiently and with integrity. We work hard to find the perfect placement for them, by conducting one on one interviews and extensive and thorough screenings to assure they get the perfect placement. This in return not only helps our employees/candidates but also is a benefit to the employer as they are able to reduce their turnover. We offer competitive wages and an assortment of benefits. 

Through a top-notch selection process, candidate performance & retention profiling, client profiling, and skill & behavioral testing, we hire the right candidate for your needs instead of simply presenting you with a warm body.

We firmly believe retention to be a result of smarter hiring. By doing employee surveys after 30 days, exit interviews, offering benefits & retention/performance pay, and doing a coded analysis of turnover, we help you retain the best people and weed out “poor fits” quicker.

Each employee is given a detailed overview of mandatory safety guidelines, Safety in the Workplace testing (available in Spanish), OSHA compliance training, client specific safety and skills training, and a client-site walk through (when approved) all prior to day one.

We pay all taxes and insurance (including Worker’s Compensation, FICA, State and Local taxes, and IRS withholding). You are no longer obligated for Health Care Premiums, Life Insurance Premiums, Pension/401(k) plan payments, PTO, or Help Wanted Ads!

We promise to bring you the best value by focusing on the quality fit of the employee to your company. We strive to deliver productive, reliable employees with low turnover. We believe this will bring you less stress in the hiring process and allow you more time to lead your organization.

Todd Kennedy

In today’s customer service oriented society-satisfaction is mandatory. Customer loyalty is always impacted when you employ the right service professional to represent you when assisting your valued customers.

My long-term experience in the staffing industry has taught me how to meet and exceed each customer’s expectations with service that sells. Not only is it a priority objectively, but a personal obligation as well. I realize that acquiring and maintaining loyal repeat business as well as spreading the word of your business through these loyal patrons is of the utmost importance in every company. Positioning a company for better exposure and greater marketability is a task that I have performed with success many times.

Lastly I would like to share a quote that truly embodies me as a person. It was Winston Churchill who said “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

Warmest Regards.

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