Tips For Having A Successful Interview

Tips For A Successful Interview

starmanTips for Having A Successful Interview 

You have put together a great resume and now you received that call for an interview! Make the most of your opportunity with the following tips for a successful interview:

Be on Time

First impressions are very important when trying to land a job and being late for an interview shows a lack of respect for the interviewer, the company, and even yourself! Plan your time to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early to give yourself a little extra cushion in case something unforeseen comes up on the way. This also allows you a few minutes to use the restroom if necessary, review your notes and mentally compose yourself for the interview. Avoid arriving very early, stay in your car until the appropriate time. 

Dress Appropriately

Again, first impressions. When you interview for a job, you want to look and feel your best. What you wear may vary based on the position and company for which you are applying, but in all cases it’s important to look professional and confident.

No Drinks

Avoid bringing a coffee, water or other drinks into the interview. During the interview you want to be focused on the questions and developing a rapport with the interviewer, not sipping on your drink.

Put Your Phone Away

You want to give your interviewer 100% of your attention, so silence your phone and stow it in your bag or pocket. Glancing at the time or who is messaging you could send a message to your potential employer that you are unable to focus and are easily distracted, or that you simply don’t care enough about the opportunity to give your full attention.

Body Language

Meeting with people goes beyond verbal communication. Your nonverbal gestures and movements can communicate a great deal to your interviewer. It’s important to maintain good eye contact with your interviewer while listening and speaking. Avoid crossing your arms and legs, as this signifies resistance to ideas or a defensive attitude. Sit with good posture, avoid fidgeting, and be confident.

Preparation is Key

Learn as much as you can about the company and position for which you are interviewing. Visit the company’s website and educate yourself on their business. Preparing thoroughly for your interview not only shows your interest for the company and opportunity, but also may help calm your nerves, help you feel more confident, and allow you to ask relevant questions about the company.

Avoid Badmouthing Past Employers

Regardless of how you really feel about past or present employers, it’s important to avoid badmouthing them in your interview. Doing so will suggest you may have a bad attitude, and your interviewer will wonder how you will talk about the them and their company if you’re are hired. Be professional and polite, you want to give the impression that you can work well with other people and handle conflicts effectively.

Follow Up

Following up after an interview shows your interest in the company and opportunity. Send a short thank-you email within 48 hours expressing your interest. You should make notes immediately after an interview so that you can cite specifics from the conversation.

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staffing agencies akron, canton

Resume Catastrophe’s: What To Avoid

resume catastrophes

starmanResume Catastrophes: What to avoid 

Here at Accurate Staffing, we’ve seen a lot of resumes from people seeking work. And we have seen some otherwise well-qualified candidates hurt their chances of getting hired with resumes that are profoundly error-ridden with easily corrected mistakes!

Consider this: your resume is your fist impression with a potential employer. If that first impression is bad, you will never get that initial email contact or call to go to the next step in the hiring process.

Following are some issues to be aware of when putting your resume together:

Typos and Grammatical Errors

Without a doubt the fastest way to turn-off a potential employer is to provide a resume that is full of typos and grammatical errors. And this extends beyond your resume to include critical email communications as well. Take your time and think about what you are writing. Use the spell check and grammar check in your writing program (MS Word, Google Docs, etc.). When you are done writing, step away for a few minutes, and then come back and PROOFREAD! After you are satisfied that what you have written makes sense grammatically and you’ve caught all your typos, show your resume to a friend or colleague and have them check it for errors. When employers receive a resume or email communication with many typos or grammatical issues, they will make some not-too-flattering conclusions about you. The bottom line is, that critical first impression will be a bad one.

Errors in Contact Information

So, you’ve got a great resume and an employer reaches out to you via email, and they instantly receive an “undeliverable” response because you have a typo in your email address. Or, they call the phone number provided and receive the “we’re sorry, the number you have provided…” or worse yet, the number goes to the wrong person. We’ve seen it happen!

It’s very easy to overlook your contact information, so double and TRIPLE check your details!

Visual Formatting

When a potential employer is viewing your resume, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention. While you want to have a visually great looking resume, keep the following tips in mind:

  • White space is your friend: your resume needs to be easy to read. You don’t need to fill every available space with information. Avoid run-on sentences and try to use bulleted lists with your highlights and accomplishments.
  • Avoid multiple fonts: choose a font style that is easy to read and avoid using several different fonts on your resume. Avoid using ALL CAPS in your writing, some people interpret this as SHOUTING.
  • Including Too Much: try to limit your resume to the last 10 to 15 years of work experience, it’s not necessary to include everything you ever did; keep your document to 1 or two pages.


Additional Resources

The information above represents some basic issues to avoid on your resume. For further information and resources search Google for “resumes what to avoid” –



resume catastrophes
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