Take initiative. Are there any tasks that have been lingering for a few weeks? A great way to get noticed is by taking on a project that no one wants to tackle, but that must get done.

When you want to stand out at work use your job description as a starting point, not an endpoint.

Do More Than Your Job Description

Always look around, beyond and beneath the opportunities that you seek.   Those that get noticed at work are those who approach each day with wide-angle vision.  They see through a lens that extends well beyond their job description.   

The most effective way to expand your sphere of influence is by becoming proficient at helping others do their job.  This will require you to know their job description and core responsibilities.

Expanding your influence is about not only doing your job but also helping others do theirs.

Help Your Colleagues Succeed

One of the most powerful and rarely discussed success factors to employ in your career is the ability to share the momentum that you are building with others.   Helping your colleagues succeed is a sign of self-confidence, self-trust, teamwork, and collaborative leadership.

When the organization you serve witnesses your genuine desire to help your colleagues succeed, you will immediately get noticed.   Not just mentoring but having a strong working relationship with colleagues where you are constantly guiding them and providing them the hands-on wisdom to help them see their successes all the way through to the end.  

It’s also important to note that while your intentions to help others succeed is genuine and true – equally be passionate about learning from those whom you are helping.  People want to know that your intentions are to build mutually rewarding relationships where everyone wins.

Constructive Conflict

Playing it too safe at work will make it more difficult to get noticed.   If you are looking to advance in your career and develop as a leader, it is imperative that you continuously test your ideas and ideals.  You need to know how your talents best fit within the organization.    It’s healthy to challenge the old ways of doing things – with the intention of making things better, creating new ways of generating results and improving everyone’s performance.

Regardless of the environment, constructive conflict allows you to get noticed because you are being courageous enough to “shake things up” and test new ways of helping the organization grow and compete.

Be a team player Sometimes you’re the star of the show, and sometimes you’re in the chorus. Being alert to your coworkers’ needs, and offering to help when their workload is overwhelming, is the best way to establish yourself as a team player.

You don’t need to be a martyr of self-sacrifice by staying late every single night to do someone else’s work but stepping up without expecting any personal benefit will never go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Never talk smack or engage in gossip That’s the number one way to get noticed…the wrong way of getting noticed.

It’s a universal truth that the person doing the trash-talking always looks worse than the person who’s being trashed, regardless of the criticism is deserved. Do not talk smack or engage in the gossip.

Be Yourself

This is the most important way to get noticed immediately – yet the one that most people still haven’t quite figured out.   When you can be your most authentic self, you are able to deliver your full potential at work every day.   It allows you to do many steps seamlessly all while having fun at work again!  When you are having fun, you give permission for others to have fun too.  Your energy becomes contagious; your leadership and work ethic become valued and respected.


Part of the trick is to know how you best fit within the organization and to trust yourself enough to go for it!   You don’t need to be perfect – you just need to be good consistently.   Once you have figured out how to navigate the company, job, and people, you will be on your way.  Pace yourself, observe, learn, deliver results, and make sure that the organization keeps winning.  As when the company grows/thrives so will everyone who works for them.    You will rise and get noticed immediately.

Tips For A Successful Interview

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