Accurate Staffing, Inc. has been providing call center staffing solutions since the beginning of our company. Our leadership and sales teams have extensive experience in working in call centers and have a sales mentality. This experience provides us with a keen insight into what to look for in an individual to fill a call center position, what it takes to be successful, and how to recruit for it as well.

A call center can be a very exciting environment with a lot of opportunity for success, but it can also be very tough. Many individuals get into the field thinking they can handle it, but quickly learn it’s not for them. In order to help identify potential candidates who have “the right stuff”, Accurate Staffing has developed a role playing system which allows us to evaluate individuals on their fit for working in a call center. In this role playing process, we give candidates all types of call center situations. For example, dealing with the elderly; huge manufacturers of consumer products; or massive call centers to name a few. We gauge each candidate’s effectiveness and patience and based on our background and experience we can determine if they are a good fit for the role.

Additionally, with our in-depth interview process we can further target the types of personalities we feel would excel in a call center environment. In many cases, a candidate may be applying for a completely different position, but through our interviewing and recruiting process we identify that the candidate may be a great fit to fill one of our call center staffing positions. By being able to identify top talent that through our experience and processes we feel will flourish in a call center environment, we can place qualified candidates in our customer’s open positions. And just as important, we are able to identify those candidates for whom a call center is not a great fit, helping both the candidate and our customers avoid a failed attempt filling a position. We never try and turn the wrong people into call center staffers.

In this very challenging field, Accurate Staffing thrives in providing call center staffing solutions in the Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Northeast Ohio areas.

About Accurate Staffing

Accurate Staffing has a long and successful history of providing critical staffing solutions for a wide variety of industries and businesses, including:

We are centrally located in Northeast Ohio with offices in Akron (330.630.0700) and Canton (330.494.9675). With our national network and a database of more than 60,000 candidates, Accurate Staffing rapidly delivers talented, reliable workers.

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