Applying for: Direct Care Aids-Akron and North Canton Areas

We are hiring the following for one of our clients....Great Opportunity!


All employees are trained on the job responsibilities listed below:

  • Arrive for your shift on time

  • Wear work appropriate attire-No alcohol tobacco, drug references, ect.

  • Communicate with staff you are relieving concerning shift concerns, upcoming appointments, planned outings, cleaning task that need attention

  • Provide required supervision of individuals while in your care.

  • Learn the routine of each individual in your care.

  • Develop and maintain professional relationships with each individual , there family, co-workers

  • Follow individuals support services ISP BSP etc.

  • Administer all medications according to procedure

  • Maintain quality hygiene and neat appearance (Shaving, nail care, hair care, proper attire)

  • Know emergency procedures of each home such as fire drills and tornado drills

  • Know where to locate emergency contact numbers

  • Complete routine cleaning task on a daily basis

  • Complete more complicated cleaning task during down time

  • Never leave the home untidy. Turn TV off, lights off, don't leave dishes in sink, and make sure beds are made daily.

  • Complete all daily documentation within required time frame. This includes support services, medication logs, ratio sheets, BSP tracking sheets, MUI and UIR reports

  • Fill out timesheets when you arrive for your shift and before you leave.

  • Hours Vary $11

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