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TITLE: Direct Support Professional

REPORTS TO: President/ Administrator/ House Manager



The position of Direct Support Professional (DSP) plays a vital role in the relationship to the interdisciplinary team and the  support services provided to each person. The Direct Support Professional provides continuous and active involvement, which includes an assertive and consistent implementation of an Individuals Plan, based on each person's strengths and needs.

The Direct Support Professional is accountable and responsible for the direct supervision and teaching- and "hands on" assisting with each person served in the following areas: homemaker & personal care services, health & medical care, dietary & special menu orders, independent living skill development, vocational and community employment interests, adaptive equipment & assistance supplies/items, mobility and safety awareness, transportation, socialization and leisure skills.

The Direct Support Professional is required to function as a team member with co-workers, the interdisciplinary team, and staff associates in an accountable and professional manner. The Direct Support Professional will be expected to implement all job requirements in the home and/or community setting.


General Areas of Responsibility:

  • Responsible to provide support services in a quality and consistent manner to each individual served.

  • Promotes health, safety, and welfare of each individual served.

  • Responsible for day-to-day upkeep, maintenance and cleanliness of home/sites and vehicles.

  • Reports concerns with support services and programs to supervision, and makes recommendations and shares suggestions in a team oriented manner.

  • Participates and facilitates a supportive environment by adhering to the guidelines of company philosophy, confidentiality, people-first language, empowerment, and fair and reasonable treatment of others.

  • Ensures that each individual's rights are upheld and promoted in daily living.

  • Implements and follows company policy and procedures and information according to code of conduct/employee handbooks/ and other related materials.

  • Maintains and demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of each persons Individual Plan (IP), skill development programs, behavior support plans, medications and treatments, and general service/support guidelines and strategies.

Teamwork, Professionalism, and Communication:

  • Functions as an active team member by attending, reporting, and contributing to Individual Plan meetings.

  • Attends and actively participates in on-going orientation, training, staff meetings, and in-service(s) to as required/scheduled.

  • Assists (in cooperation with program coordinator) during in-home meetings with individuals served, and general in-service/training for new employees and other support staff as requested.

  • Maintains regular contact with program coordinator and nurse regarding each individual served, questions and/or concerns, requests for information or records, injuries and/or incident reports and other pertinent issues in a timely and objective manner.

  • Create and maintain a positive atmosphere by being supportive of team members and co-workers.

  • Demonstrates professionalism both within the site/home and community, in action and appearance.

  • Communicate in a clear, understandable voice, free from derogatory terminology or overtones.

  • Promotes positive family, neighbor, and community relationships- and informs program director of all concerns or complaints.

  • Completes task/responsibilities independently and without needed additional reminders.

Support Services, Skill Development, Assistance & Supervision, and Behavior Plans:

  • Provides consistent and quality support services, assistance, and supervision to each individual, as necessary and identified in each person's Individual Plan.

  • Encourage each person(s) continuous, age appropriate, active involvement, and learning opportunities.

  • Monitor each individual's  personal grooming and hygiene needs, and assure that each person is dressed neatly and appropriately for weather and occasion.

  • Encourage each person's involvement in housekeeping, food preparation, activity planning, community integration, and socialization.

  • Implement Individual Plans (IP) as written, observing and documenting the individual's response to the plan.

  • Implement, complete, and document skill development programs, behavior support plans, and other guidelines for services for each individual.

  • Advocate for each individual in program planning and personal development, and share ideas/recommendations at staff meetings with co-workers, and supervisors.

  • Completes good items as planned/menu with prescribed food consistence and modifications, and role model family style dining and social manners.

  • Provide and coordinate transportation for individuals, both in company and personal vehicles (as appropriate and authorized).

Health and Safety:

  • Assists with health monitoring and prevention, reporting concerns to the appropriate person(s) in a timely and responsible manner.

  • Assists with medical and personal appointments, as requested/ applicable.

  • Participates in and documents fire and emergency response drills in an efficient and safe manner.

  • Demonstrate and upholds universal precautions, personal protective equipment, and hazardous communication in a professional and responsible manner.

  • Upholds safety for all by use of safety equipment and proper techniques of: back supports, lifts, proper body mechanics, and other safety equipment provided as needed/required.

  • Upon delegation and training/certification- assists with medication administration, documentation, and reports concerns/ or adverse reactions promptly to nurse.

  • Follows current physician orders/prescriptions, current delegation standards, and applicable medical safeguards, etc.

  • Completes incident and accident reports in an objective, timely, and accurate manner-with proper notifications to supervisor(s).

Staffing, Supervision, and Scheduling:

  • Demonstrates professionalism and accountability through adhering to regular work-schedule, attendance, and punctuality expectations.

  • Records days/hours worked on time card accurately - and as established per program/site.

  • Obtains approval from supervisor fro schedule changes, time-off requests, and additional hours in advance of occurrence- and as established per program/site.

  • Assists in covering open-shifts and emergencies in a team oriented manner.

  • Demonstrates consistent work practices and job expectations responsibly- and follows through independently.

  • Adheres to established routines and housekeeping, maintenance, and work responsibility schedules/expectations.

  • Demonstrates teamwork, functional problem solving and positive communication with others.

  • Promote positive and professional support services to each person both at home and in the community.

Financial Accounts and Documentation:

  • Accountable for funds and company accounts, provides safeguards for security and monitoring, and obtains receipts for authorized transactions/purchases.

  • Assists with individual money usage, receipts, signatures, and recording on ledgers.

  • Reads and contributes pertinent information in the staff communication log; and completes necessary functions/follow up without additional reminders.

  • Assures that all documentation is completed in an objective and timely manner for support services provided to each individual.

  • Completes documentation in a timely, complete, and objective format: skill development data sheets, behavior plan data sheets, medication administration records, waiver/funding required documentation sheets, time card, fire drills, etc.


  • Maintain current certification in CPR, First Aid, Crisis Intervention, Behavior Support Plan, Delegated Nursing (as applicable), and any other required training.

  • Participates in personal and professional self-development to maintain or enhance skills that allow for completion of job responsibilities.

  • Works independently, preforming job functions with minimal supervision necessary.

  • Other related duties, as requested and or necessary.


  1. Minimum of a high school diploma or GED.

  2. Current Ohio Drivers License, with acceptable driving record is required.

  3. All required licenses and certifications.

  4. Criminal Background Verification, with acceptable clearance according to applicable rules and requirements.

  5. Willingness to work a flexible schedule and provides responsible supervision and assistance to adults with mental retardation.

  6. Ability to work as a team member and communicate in a positive and effective manner with persons served, support staff, and others.

LOCATION: Uniontown Area


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